Dear Families,


I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.


As you may be aware, Chanuka is soon approaching and this year we would like to do a special Mitzvah project with the support of Spinmaster and Chai Lifeline.  We are collaborating with Chai Lifeline, a non-profit organization who runs toy drives for Chanuka, for children who are ill.


We would like to ask you, to help your child find a new toy to send to another child that is ill. In each of our locations, there will be a box where your child can drop off the toy you would like to donat. All the toys will be delivered by Chai Lifeline, to children who are sick, during Chanuka, to light their houses with new games and happiness.


We also understand that this time of the year may be tough for many of you and it is hard to give. I want you to know that if you can't afford to buy a toy, that is fine. We will find a way to make your child part of the program.


We truly appreciate your help and support with this important Mitzvah project.


On behalf of the JRCC Hebrew school team, I would like to wish you a Happy Chanuka!




Ariel Zaltzman