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Celebrate with us Pre-Shabbat celebration "Unite 4 Shabbat".
Entertainment with Rabbi B. Decorate your Challah cover, Girls will decorate a candle stick and boys a Kiddush cup.
Friday, June 25 at 5:00pm. Register

Shabbat (שַׁבָּת) (also known as "Shabbos" or the "Sabbath") is the centerpiece of Jewish life , and has been so since the infancy of our nation.

According to the Talmud, Shabbat is equal to all the other commandments. Shabbat is so central to Jewish life that the term shomer Shabbat (Shabbat observer) is synonymous with “religious Jew” in common parlance.

Shabbat is a day of rest and celebration that begins on Friday at sunset and ends on the following evening after nightfall.

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